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Deciding to pursue a career in the health professions is a big step for any student.  Typically, students who aspire to work in the health professions need to perform well

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Preparing for Health Professions Choosing a Major “What major should I choose if I want to go into health professions? What major looks best when I apply to professional school?”

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Requirements for Application to a Health Professions Program Completing the appropriate pre-requisite coursework and submitting a successful application to your choice of professional schools is an involved process. To be

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About Health Professions


  • How do I know if a health profession is the right fit for me?
  • Which health profession should I pursue?
  • What major should I choose if I want to go into health professions?
    ♦What major looks best when I apply to professional school?
    ♦How can I prepare for a health professions career?
    ♦What should I be thinking about in my first, second, third, and fourth year of undergraduate education if I want to pursue a health profession?
    ♦What do I need to do to apply to professional school?

These common questions from students are all addressed in this section of our website – click on the Exploring, Preparing, and Applying to learn about the entire process of considering a health profession to getting accepted into a professional school.

Some common questions about the advising process are contained in these videos:

YouTube Video about Q&A Pre Health Advising   YouTube Pre Vet Advising Video

About Health Professions


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Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with a Health Professions advisor, call the Collaborative for Student Achievement at 970-491-7095.  All appointments are scheduled via phone. On your appointment date and time, arrive

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Student Clubs

How do I join a club? Membership is open to all CSU students. Anyone is welcome to attend club meetings; dues-paying members will have access to privileges such as shadowing,

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Community Volunteer Opportunities: Elderhaus Foothills Gateway Banner Fort Collins Medical Center (Fort Collins) Banner McKee Medical Center (Loveland) Banner North Colorado Medical Center (Greeley) Children’s Hospital (Denver) Camp Wapiyapi Pathways

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Video: Q&A Pre-Health Advising

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Find here a calendar of upcoming events

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Video: Q&A Pre-Vet Advising

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If you are a current CSU student, you can schedule a health professions advising appointment online through Navigate here. If you ARE NOT within driving distance of Fort Collins, and would like this to be a phone appointment, please write “PHONE APPOINTMENT” and include the best number to reach you in the appointment comments when you schedule your appointment. The advisor will call you at your scheduled time (MST). If you ARE within driving distance of Fort Collins, please schedule an in-person appointment.
If you are not a current CSU student, you can schedule an appointment by calling the Collaborative for Student Achievement at (970) 491-7095.

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